I felt with this challenge a video was in order. I have a few useless RC parts around the shop that were useful in other areas.

With an amazing company like LockedUp RC making some of the best wheels on the market what use do I have for those plastic Axial glue on 2.2 rims and Ripsaw tires. Not one..............Or so I thought!

Like any garage we have cabinets for our odds and ends and paint. Unfortunately mine did not have a handle, Only a lock without a key. Easy enough solution, Remove the lock and toss one of those wheels up there. A new stylish handle, PERFECT!

Now because they have 3 other friends I had to figure out where to use them up. I looked over on the other wall of my garage and I had my hose wrapped up on a rare Honda rim. "DING" I grabbed another wheel and screwed it to the wall and BAM! I had a spot to hang my airbrush hose.

Now that I was starting to clean up my bench I realized I still had not gotten a holder for my drivers and kept pushing them off to the side and when I needed them they were never all in the same place. So being a mechanic what is seen in every shop? Stacked tires! Problem is the tires don't stay stacked easily. Hmmmmmm hey wait I have some black PVC pipe from my old home made drift tire days! went and found it, cut a piece off and glued it inside the tires. Perfect tire stack for the scale garage by night and a driver holder by day.

So check out the video for a little more in depth show and tell and maybe it will give you some ideas for your 1:1 garage or even that scale setup!

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