Based On A True Story...

It was a dreary December day, because RC is all I eat, breathe and sleep, I had been banished from my RC Table, as the wife began to take it over with camera equipment. As women can sometimes be, she seemed a bit on edge, enough that I decided it was best to retreat to the couch (unfortunately I didn't have any chocolate to throw her direction). There I sat for the next ten or so minutes, planning (more like plotting) my next RC project, with two toddlers running rampant around me singing 'Let it go' for the umpteenth time and, my wife huffing and puffing away in the kitchen area.

I had tried to ease into conversation with my own wife, (like I said, she was on edge, and this was hostage negotiation) she didn't respond . Did she hear me, or not? Knowing I wouldnt win either way, I decided it was best NOT to ask what was wrong (for all you un-married folks, asking just unleashes a chain reaction (verbal vomit) of every event in the last decade, and somehow its all relevant, its better to out of sight, out of mind)

Browsing through the Locked Up RC website, I could no longer contain my excitement, and before I knew it I was talking about buying new wheels for the 2.2. And BAM, I've never seen her whip around faster, out came the verbal vomit, "how could I think about RC stuff when she obviously needed help? crazy kids, an unknown dilemma, and a wedding to be at in 30 minutes" she said. Things quickly moved to Defcon 1 when she went on to explain that her ONLY shoes (edit: that she wanted to wear) were broken. The decorative grommet on her boot had fallen off and was no longer holding the material together. The world was going to stop spinning (for her), I came up with a quick plan of action.

I stood up, walked past her, and out into the garage. I really should have planned this better, she assumed I was running to work on my RC Truck, so by the time I walked back in I could have fried an egg on her hot head. And she started again "how can you think about RC stuff when I need help?" You see, this is normally one of those situations where I cant win, I'm not a cobbler. And this my friends, is where the magic happens. According to her, like a knight covered in marine grease, I got one one knee, took that 3mm Nylon locknut, and spun it right over the extruding screw.

I stood up, looked at her, basked in the glory, and said "now if I never thought about RC stuff, you would be late to a wedding, with a broken shoe (my version of telling her she would be S.O.L)". She had NOTHING to say after that. Odd, right? I knew I won when christmas came around, and I got everything on my build list.

Cant even tell the difference

Trailer Hitch Ball

Im guessing most of us have/ or tow trailers often, well I always have a hitch with a greasy trailer ball on my truck.

Idk how many times I’ve either rubbed my nice clean pants against it or banged my thigh into it. One day while installing new tires on my r/c truck I looked at the opening on the 1.9 size tire and though man I think that would fit over my 2” 5/16 ball on the back of my truck. Luck would have it that it did. I think it’s a win win, I have the greasy ball covered and now when im driving down the road everyone know what kind of hobby I’m into.

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