Challenge 1 - Best use of an RC product, for something not RC

iRobot Roomba vacuum lipo charging with your RC charger

The rc product I use most for something not rc related are my Protek Prodigy 610 chargers. I use them to charge just about every battery operated device in my home. Most all of the newer style rc chargers are capable of charging everything from AA, AAA and 9v NiMH batteries to LiFe packs and even the Lipo battery in your cell phone or laptop. The way I got started using my charger for something other than my rc related items was when my wife bought one of those iRobot Roomba vacuum cleaner that drives around by itself and vacuums the floor. To my surprise that thing has a 4s 14.8v 4400mah Lipo pack in it and needs to be charged about once a week. The little wall charger it came with would take hours to charge and the pack would get smoking hot so I decided to try it out on my Protek. With my charger it took less than half the time, the pack stayed lot cooler and I'm now even able to balance the cells. After that I decide to convert everything i could find to a rechargeable and save some time and money. With the proper know how and some simple connectors it's easy to convert and charge just about any battery found in your home. Remember to be safe and always research the type of battery you're working with so that you can be sure to properly set up your charger before you begin.

Here is my set up

This is a tray for charging AA's

The iRobot with lipo battery

This little jewel is a Deans to USB connector with a built in voltage meter. With this you can charge cell phones, laptops or anything else that uses a USB to charge

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