My personal Favorite RC hack is the Phone Charger!!!

I think we have all been there. Long fun weekend of crawling, photos, videos, posting, researching when you phone dies. It dies and you miss that final climb, or stream crossing. You miss that photo that you know you will never get again.

On more than one occasion I have thought if there was only a way to get the power from my spare battery to my phone. Friends I am here to tell you that there is and I am going to show you how.

First you are going to need the following items.
- Programmable BEC
- Male Battery Connector
- Female JST
- Phone Charging Cable

With a few simple connections you will never be without a charger again.

First connect the male battery of your choice to your BEC

Next program your BEC to the appropriate voltage for your phone. Mine happens to be 5.0 volts.

Next cut off the section of your charging cable that plugs into your phone. In side you will find a number of wires. Identify the red and black wires and attach them to the red and black wires attached to your female JST.

Next plug your female JST into the BEC's male JST.

...and your newly soldered female battery connector into a charged battery.

The finished product should look something like this.

Just like that you will never be without a charge again. STAY CHARGED MY FRIENDS!!!

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