Alrighty guys it's finally here!!! Time for our "The Next Team Driver Contest". Thanks to all who entered but we could only choose a few of ya. We will be posting their work here each week and we need you to vote each week for the one you like best. Sometimes it'll be a poll or even as simple as clicking the "Like" button on your favorite pic. You can see all the info here, but this year we will be voting on Facebook ONLY!

While this is all running, we will be posting a new sale and giveaway each week to go along with the contest. So be sure to check back here every week to vote and check out our new sales item.

This weeks sale item is the one and only SCXII FI Spools and FI Lunchbox Spools.

OK and now onto the fun stuff....

Please vote on your favorite scale pic by smashing the like button of the Week 1 Facebook post.
(There are 10 pics in total, all numbered)
Be sure to like, share and check back often.

This week we will be giving away a pair of our Awesome FI spools.
The winner can choose from any 2 of our FI spools.
The original, Heavyweight, Lunchbox or SCX10 II!

To be eligible, simply like some photos and we will choose from one of the likes!

Week 1 contest ends: Oct 23, 2017 9:00pm EST

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