After having sloppy lockers and set screw locker come loose and cause me to get a bunch of unwanted points in a scale comp. I decided it was time to step up my locker game. This is where the FI locker comes in. It will get rid of my set screws that tend to loosen and shorted runs. While its in there it will remove slop and add strength and a little weight down low.

Here is the packaging.
It's simple because LURC doesn't like to charge you for stuff you are going to throw away.
(Fancy retail packaging is available if you want it though!)

The contents of the package.

The fit and finish is awesome on these lockers. The bearing seats are nice and smooth and the bearings slid right on. The coating on the locker was uniform and a nice color. Should keep rust down from mud and water runs.

On to the install!

First you have to remove your axle from the truck. I started with the rear.

Here is you can see my old locker. I run my axles packed with marine grease do to the amount of water and mud I run in. Everything looks good besides one part.

I disassembled everything and cleaned it up. I cleaned my axle shafts after this picture was taken. While your in here its a great time to check bearings. In my case I ended up replacing about half of them due to being gritty.

First I assembled the locker.

I did a quick test fit make sure everything would go back in the housing correctly. Then I did a final cleaning of the cases and got them ready for reassembly.

I found it was easier to press the shafts in first and then put the whole assembly in as one into the rear axle. The shafts pressed tight but not so tight you needed an hammer to get them in there.

Then it was time to pack everything with grease and reassemble the axle. I would have got a picture of this but my hand were covered in grease and I didn't want to get it all over my phone to take pictures. Be here is the final assemble before going into the truck.

Final Thoughts

I am not sure why I waited so long to get these lockers. They took so much slop out of my axles it was almost mind blowing. And to have the piece of mind knowing I won't have a locker come loose on the trail is worth buying them alone. The rest is just a great side benefit.

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