Tip 1
For that “I just bought a wraith what should I do to it?” question. This will help improve performance and doesn’t cast anything.

Relocate the battery to the front of the truck. There is room right in front of the interior pieces to fit a battery width wise. You may have to trim some of the lexan back to fit your battery, depending on the size of it.

Here is what it will look like when it’s done. My battery fits pretty snug in the area so I do not use any kind of tie down to hold it in. If you feel more comfortable using the Velcro straps that comes with the kit (or any other tie down) go for it.

Tip 2
This one is for those internally locking beadlocks. This sometimes makes it easier. After getting the beads aligned you can use welding clamp pliers to press and hold the wheel halves together while you put the screws in.

If you are worried about the pliers damaging the powder coating on the wheels you can plast-i-dip the parts that contact the wheel.

Tip 3
A cheap and more scale way to tie down accessories to you rig is use some of your wife's small ribbon. Another option that provides a little more usability is rubber bands. You can cut them into a long piece and tie them around you object, the stretch of the rubber will allow you to pull your accessory off and on pretty easily. The rubber bands last for a descent amount of time before they need replaced. I think both options look a lot more scale then using zip ties.

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