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Everything included

Vehicle Stand - 84mm Teal

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Vehicle Stand - 84mm Teal
Part Number: 1904-84Teal
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Our Vehicle Stands slide under your axle to keep weight off your tires during storage.
This helps prevent flat spots and makes it easier to clean around your vehicle.

Each plate features a 20mm deep perch to accommodate most vehicles.
Sold individually so that you can purchase one per axle and mix and match colors.

Select the center brace you need based off of the measurement you take on your axle to insure a great fit.
Each plate adds ~3mm to the overall width.
So, if you select a center bar that is 60mm, the final total width will be 66mm.

- FDM printed with PLA 
- 4mm thick plates
(2mm reinforcement for center bar)
- 88mm total height
- 84mm perch height
- 72mm long base

-2x 84mm side plates (enough for one axle)
-1x Center brace (you pick the length)
-2x M3x8 Button Head Screws

For a 2 axle vehicle, purchase 2 units.
For a 3 axle vehicle, purchase 3 units.

If you don't see a center brace size that will work, please LET US KNOW.

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