Toyzuki SCX10 Motor Mount
Toyzuki SCX10 Motor Mount

Toyzuki SCX10 Motor Mount

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Toyzuki SCX10 Motor Mount
Part Number: TOYZ-SCX10 Motor Mount
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ToyZuki's Fabrication Low Center of Gravity Motor Mount

This is a new spin on moving your motor weight forward to achieve front bias weight and gain more room for interior. The difference is this one also moves the weight of the motor lower in the chassis than the stock location, plus you get to reuse all of your stock parts keeping it cheap and reliable!

A 3 link/panhard kit is required to use this set up. You will receive a ToyZuki's Fabrication LGC motor mount, 2 5x11x4 bearings, and all the nuts and bolts to make it happen.

** Install video by Harley Designs (Custom install using additional tools, through pins, etc)

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