Welcome to Week 3!

Not only are both of our prior 2 sales still active (Holmes Hobbies BR Mini and our servo winch spools), but this week we are also discounting our Cobalt Hex drivers for everyone. See below for more info!

So, what is required of you to enter this contest?
Check out our finalists blog posts, then come back here and vote for your favorite AND bump this thread. You can bump the thread as many times as you want because the winner will be selected from the listed voters and they must have bumped the thread to be eligible. Remember, you must vote AND bump the thread at least once to enter.

This week we asked the drivers to do some product reviews.
Week 3 blog posts (you can click most of the pictures for larger resolution):
Griffin Bean - gbean
David King - kincer
Greg Alcorn - greggreg2011
Bo Hatfield - ramination
Donald Braham - sgtbham
Michelle Boutilier - Krawler Konceptz
David Castle - Boy Castle
Steve Liffner - boosted4lyf

The deal of the week is that ALL of our Cobalt Hex drivers are 25% off!
All 3 of our Cobalt tool tips are available in our Tools section

For our giveaway this week, the winning voter will receive a complete set of every tool we make and their choice of a LURC T-Shirt or our one of our LURC hats!

This includes:
1.5mm Cobalt Hex Driver (tip)
2.0mm Cobalt Hex Driver (tip)
2.5mm Cobalt Hex Driver (tip)
1.75mm Hex Socket Driver (tip)
2mm Hex Socket Driver (tip)
3mm Hex Socket Driver tip - Miniature Scale Acorn Nut Driver
And a handle for each!
Tool Handle

Our winning finalist this week is going to receive a set of out Cobalt Tips and their choice of hat or T-Shirt!

So, go check out those blog posts and get yourself back here to win some stuff!

Patrick "Locked Up" Norton

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