Slipper Eliminator Kit - Axial
Slipper Eliminator Kit - Axial

Slipper Eliminator Kit - Axial

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Slipper Eliminator Kit - Axial
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Tired of dealing with that Axial slipper clutch?
Eliminate it with our Aluminum "Slipper Eliminator Kit"!

- Slipper elimination will cause you to have power at all times -
- Ensure your drive train can handle the power -
- Ensure your face can handle the smiles -

We make our main shaft pin holes to be an extremely tight fit for those that want to eliminate drivetrain slop.
This means you may need to press/hammer your 1.60mm pin into the shaft (or drill it out if you want a looser fit).

This kit includes all the parts you need to do away with the slipper clutch in an AX10/SCX10/Wraith/SCX10 II RTR/Bomber style transmission.
This will NOT fit the "SCX10 II" Transmission found in the AX90046 kit. You must be running the AX10 style transmission found in the AX90047 RTR

Note that this kit will fit multiple bolt patterns of spur gears.
So if your spur does not line up during installation, rotate it one hole over ;)

If you want to source a different spur gear, our hub is drill for 2 patterns.
You can use the measurements when talking to any spur manufacturer:
3x22mm (each hole center is 11mm from center of hub)
3x23mm (each hole center is 11.5mm from center of hub)

We do recommend that you upgrade the rest of your drive train prior to installation:
Drive shafts
Axle Gears
Transmission Gears
Transmission Outputs

Upgrade today and start putting 100% of your power to the ground!

Drilled for the 2 most common spur gear patterns:

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