Savox SA-1230SG Plus (499oz/in @ 6v)
Savox SA-1230SG Plus (499oz/in @ 6v)

Savox SA-1230SG Plus (499oz/in @ 6v)

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Savox SA-1230SG+
Part Number: SAVO-sa-1230SG+
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This is the Savox SA-1230SGP Coreless Digital Servo with Soft Start. This Monster Torque Steel-Gear digital servo is ideal for those requiring extra torque without using a high voltage power source. New "Plus" models feature Soft Start and Sanwa SSR Compatibility.

  • Extremely strong unique steel gears ensure long-life and durability.
  • Ideal for steering on rock crawlers, monster trucks, and large scale aircraft.
  • Slightly taller case design.


  • Dimensions(mm): 40.3x20.2x45
  • Weight(g): 79
  • Speed(@4.8V sec/60): .20
  • Torque(@4.8V oz-in): 416.6
  • Speed(@6.0V sec/60): .16
  • Torque(@6.0V oz-in): 499.9
  • Gear: Unique Steel
  • Bearing: 2BB
  • Case: Full Aluminum
  • Horn gear spline: 25T

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