M3x0.5 Thread Repair kit
M3x0.5 Thread Repair kit

M3x0.5 Thread Repair kit

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M3x0.5 Thread Repair kit
Part Number: 738-STIKit-M3x0.5
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Our M3x0.5 Thread Repair kit allows you to repair stripped and damaged threads in metal or create stronger threads in die cast or plastic parts.

The kit uses Helical Screw Thread Inserts.
The inserts stay in place due to coil tension which does not place unnecessary tension on the surrounding material.
The inserts are vibration and impact resistant.
Because they are made from stainless steel, they offer a wide temperature tolerance as well.

Each kit includes:
20x M3 Thread inserts
1x M3 STI drill bit
1x M3 STI tap
1x M3 STI Installation tool
1x M3 STI Tang break tool

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