Green - 200lb
Green - 200lb

Green - 200lb

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Green - 200lb
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Just like the 1:1 world, the RCs have gone to synthetic line!

It doesn't kink, fray or cut your fingers like metal line.
And of course, if it breaks it won't kill any scale figures ...

Our Super Duty Synthetic line is incredibly strong and fit for the most demanding applications.

We use 8 or more 100% Dyneema® fibers in all our synthetic winch lines. All of our lines are sealed and therefore are very resistant to abrasion. In addition, our lines have very low stretch of between 1% and 8% allowing unique and direct control of your vehicle. Pound for pound, this high strength polyethylene fiber from the Dutch chemicals group DSM has 15 times more tensile strength than steel. With a density of 0.95 to 0.97 g/cm3 it is lighter than water and always buoyant.

The Dyneema® fiber itself is pure white and very chemically resistant, therefore the surface of this fiber does not absorb any color. Coloring is thus accomplished by ‘attaching’ the pigments to the surface of the line. Over time this can fade; however, you should expect a good life from the coloring process when used on your RC vehicle.

A precise determination of the diameter of a braided line is almost impossible. This is because, despite its precise weave and special stretching, it deforms during measuring with a micrometer, while measurement of the often ‘non-round’ body using a laser is inaccurate. It is therefore common to show arithmetical approximations on the label for the diameter. For this reason we recommend you buy your braided line according to the breaking strain and do not be overly concerned with diameter information.

Breaking strain
The breaking strain specified on the label should help you to compare different lines with regard to the line diameter and select the right product for your application. Lines of all manufacturers are always tested for their breaking strain under the same laboratory conditions. The linear breaking strain of a line measures the tensile strength without knots. Braided Dyneema® lines have a high linear breaking strain and the knot strength of a braid lies partially below 70% of the linear stability depending on the knot type used.

After prolonged use and especially when winching in mud, it is advisable to rinse the line with tap water. After drying, you can treat your braid with a synthetic line care product. Note: Check regularly the first 2 feet of your line. If there are signs of a roughened surface and torn individual threads, cut off the damaged piece and replace.

*DYNEEMA® is a registered trademark of Royal DSM N.V.

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