Furitek SCX24 Grasshopper Frame Kit (Black)
Furitek SCX24 Grasshopper Frame Kit (Black)

Furitek SCX24 Grasshopper Frame Kit (Black)

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Furitek SCX24 Grasshopper Frame Kit (Black)
Part Number: FURI-FUR-2180
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This is the Furitek SCX24 Grasshopper Frame Kit. The Grasshopper frame is packed with features and adjustments giving you the ability to tailor the SCX24 to your preferences. This frame features an abundance of link mounting spots along with an incredible amount of shock mounting locations. To say this frame has options is a bit of an understatement. Included with this frame is an ESC mount giving you a convenient location for your electronics along with front and rear magnetic body mounts. These mounts feature large N50 high performance magnets ensuring that your body will stay put even during the occasional roll over. Designed to fit the SCX24 Gladiator the Grasshopper frame provides a high performance, highly tunable chassis option. 

  • Magnetic Body Mounts
  • Multiple Link Mounting Locations
  • Multiple Shock Mounting Locations
  • ESC Mount (Ideal for Lizard Pro)
  • (1) Furitek SCX24 Grasshopper Frame Kit (Black) with:
    • (2) Frame Rails
    • (1) ESC Mount
    • (2) Body Mounts
    • (4) N50 Magnets
    • Chassis Braces
    • Assembly Hardware

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