Shown with included inner ring & M2 hardware
Shown with included inner ring & M2 hardware

2.2" Gear Jammer SLW Black

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2.2" Gear Jammer SLW Black
Part Number: 0207s-blackH
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Our Gear Jammer wheels are modeled after full size 12 spokes at the special request of one of our customers.
This version has been anodized black.

What's included:
-1x 2.2" Gear Jammer SLW black wheel
-1x inner bead lock ring
-6x M2x8 screws

Dimensions (with plain rings & hardware):
Bead Diameter: 2.2"
Weight: 2.70oz
Width: 30.5mm
Backspacing: 17.5mm
(Backspacing with .185 hub: 18.7mm)
Offset: 2.25mm
(Offset with .185 hub: 3.45mm)

Outer rings and hardware are NOT included with the wheel.

Outer rings (sold separately):
2.2" Rings

Bolt pattern hardware (sold separately):
Cap Screws (4-40 x 5/16)
Acorn Nuts (4-40)

Trademarks & Patents:

Mounted images shown with optional parts and accessories:
2.2" Gear Jammer SLW with Agile Rings, Scale Hex Bolts, Ultra Scale Hubs, .185 SLW Hex hubs and 4-40 Acorn Nuts

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