1.9' Gridlock
1.9' Gridlock

1.9" Gridlock

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1.9" Gridlock
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An awesome 5 cog and reverse slot design, these rings were inspired by OMF Phaze 5 rings.

Made of high quality aluminum this ring is drilled to match the Axial 1.9" bead lock ring mounting pattern.

What's included:
-1x 1.9" Gridlock bead lock ring with Hand finish

Bead Diameter - 1.9"
Width - 3mm
Weight - .31oz

Our Easy Mount® wheel system only uses 6 screws to hold the ring to the wheel, making your life much easier when working with foams and weights. An additional 18 screws thread into the ring and slide into larger holes in our Easy Mount® wheels. We suggest M2x7 (or M2x8) screws to hold the ring on. The remaining 18 screws can be M2x8 or shorter.

If you do not have our Easy Mount® wheels you can still use our Easy Mount® rings by using 18 of our M2x1 screws to thread into the ring. 

If you already have your own M2 hardware of your choice, you can cut it flush with the back of the ring like we used to do for all our installations: Old School Video (action starts ~ 3:00)

No hardware is included with our rings but is available below.

M2x7 Scale Hex Bolts:
Stainless SteelBlack OxideMulti Color Zinc

M2x1 Scale Hex Bolts:
Stainless SteelBlack OxideMulti Color Zinc

M2x7 Cap Screws:
Stainless Steel, Black Oxide, Multi Color Zinc

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