Zap Z-42 Blue Thread Locker (Medium) 0.20oz
Zap Z-42 Blue Thread Locker (Medium) 0.20oz

Zap Z-42 Blue Thread Locker (Medium) 0.20oz

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Zap Z-42 Blue Thread Locker (Medium) 0.20oz
Part Number: ZAP-PT-42
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Zap Z-42 Blue Thread Locker 0.2oz Bottle

Blue Thread Locker locks set screws, axle and drive nuts, engine mounting screws, or any screw that keeps your R/C airplane, helicopter, car, or boat from coming apart.
But Z-42 Thread Locker isn't just for hobbies, use on autos, boats, snow mobiles, lawn equipment, tools, bicycles, and even toys.
Anywhere fasteners are subjected to vibration that can cause them to loosen and fall out Z-42 Thread Locker helps to keep things together.
Medium strength general purpose thread locker.
Locks threaded fasteners against vibration.
Clean and dry parts for best results (removing grease, oil and dirt)
Parts can be returned to service immediately in MOST CASES
Thread locking compound comes in a bottle with a clear nozzle tip

This bottle will appear big in context to the amount of thread locker (to some it may appear empty).
This is because the thread locker requires a large amount of oxygen or it will dry out.

*** Flammable, cannot be shipped via Air
This item (or one or more components of this item) is classified as flammable.
Due to regulations, orders containing flammable items may not be shipped via air.
Therefore such orders cannot be shipped to Alaska, Hawaii, Guam, Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands, or international locations.
Orders to these locations will be CANCELLED if they contain this item.
Flammable items also cannot be shipped via our EXPRESS!! (USPS Priority Express) shipping method.
This item may only be shipped within the contiguous United States using "Priority" OR "First Class" shipping.
Material Safety Data Sheet

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