Zap Gel 0.10oz
Zap Gel 0.10oz

Zap Gel 0.10oz

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Zap Gel .1oz
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Zap Gel 3 gram Tube

Thickest ZAP of all - great for filling gaps.
The tube comes with a long tapered tip allowing precise application.
The role playing gaming industry uses it for gluing pewter and plastic figures.
Fly tiers and custom lure manufactures like it because it stays where they want it.
Jewelry makers like the high strength and the ability to apply just the right amount.
Model builders also like the high strength features and use it for servo mounts, laminating, gluing plywood, anywhere a fast curing high strength joint is needed.
Can be applied to vertical or overhead surfaces.

*** Flammable, cannot be shipped via Air
This item (or one or more components of this item) is classified as flammable.
Due to regulations, orders containing flammable items may not be shipped via air.
Therefore such orders cannot be shipped to Alaska, Hawaii, Guam, Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands, or international locations.
Orders to these locations will be CANCELLED if they contain this item.
Flammable items also cannot be shipped via our EXPRESS!! (USPS Priority Express) shipping method.
This item may only be shipped within the contiguous United States using "Priority" OR "First Class" shipping.
Material Safety Data Sheet

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