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Wheel Widener Recut (MI)

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Wheel Widener Recut
Part Number: SERV-9008-MI
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Price is per 1 widener

If you would like to add a second ring into your wheel setup (3rd picture above), you can do it by also adding in a wheel widener.
This adds space between your 2 rings and allows the outer ring to still be mounted normally in relation to the tire sidewall.

This does present 2 possible issues though.
The first possible issue is mechanical.
Please watch the video above for more information on this.

The second issue is visual.
The widener is meant to sit on a wheel face, not another ring.
So there will be a visible gap between the ring you add and the widener (see picture 2 above).
This is due to the shoulder on the back of the widener.
This can lead to debris getting trapped and is less pleasing visually.

To solve the visual issue, you can cut the shoulder off your widener, or have us do it for you by making use of this service.

This service can be added to any Locked Up RC wheel wideners that you already own.
Note that anodized wideners will not be stripped and anodized again, so some raw aluminum will be visible.

Since you already have the wideners and want them serviced, here is the process:
--You will add 1 recut service to the cart per widener you want recut--
Step 1: Add this service to your cart.--
Step 2: After checkout, we will call or email you shipping instructions for your wideners.
Step 4: Ship us your washed (mild soap & water) & stripped down (no hardware installed) wideners.
Step 5: We will remove the shoulder from the back of your widener.
Step 6: We ship your wideners back to you.

Typical turnaround is 1-2 weeks.

Please note:
--This product covers 1.9" and 2.2" parts.
-Shipping added at checkout is to return the wideners(s) to you.
--If you add non service items to your cart, your entire order will be delayed until services are complete.
-If you send completely filthy wideners we will have to charge for our time to wash them.
-If you send assembled beadlocks we will have to charge for our time to tear them down.

Contact us for more details.

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