BPC 3 Link / 4 Link Kit Review

Hi, my name is btoungette, and I’m a scale-aholic.

[Audience responds with; “Hi, btoungette”]

My addiction extends past simply driving and collecting scale rigs. I really enjoy researching and finding the ‘right’ parts for the job. The hunt, if you will, is as much enjoyment as the capture.

But, when we do find what works, we want to tell everyone (that will listen). I am here to tell you about a product I installed on one of my rigs. That product is the BPC 3-link / 4-link kit.

Per BPC’s website (www.bpchassis.com), BPC is a family owned and operated business specializing but not limited to, custom chassis and accessories. I had a need for a 3-link axle truss with a panhard mount. I found what I was looking for at BPC.

My BLACK WIDOW rig is a 1.9 Wraith – Axial Wraith chassis with Axial SCX-10 axles. I used the Vanquish Products CMS kit for the chassis mount, but I needed a solution for the panhard bar axle mount. There are several options on the market, but finding those in stock can be challenging. I heard about Mr. Bruce Pease and BPC at a G6 I attended in April; so, I looked them up. They had what I needed in stock, and I placed an order.

I received a 3-link truss for the front, a 4-link truss for the rear, and a CMS chassis mount for a SCX-10 based chassis. The axle trusses are made out of thick flat metal. They are bent specifically to the SCX-10 axle profile. They are secured to the axle with four screws that utilize the existing holes on the top of the axle. Those features give you a product that provides a place to mount the 3-link and the panhard bar / rear upper links, while strengthening the axle housing. Mine came painted in red; so, they can add some flair to your rig too.

Installation is rather easy. The stock servo plate mounting posts have to be removed from the axle housing before the trusses can be installed. Use caution because sharp instruments and/or power tools are required. Once those posts are gone, simply secure the trusses to the axle with four 3mm machine screws. Now you can finish by bolting on the 3-link and panhard bar in the front, and the upper links in the rear. The set-up of these trusses affects the link geometry slightly. You may need to adjust your link lengths to get your desired pinion angle.

These axle trusses are exactly what I needed to complete my CMS project. They are well made, fit as expected, and strengthen the axle. I have been using them for a few months and have no complaints.

If you are in the need of some axle trusses, give BPC a look. I recommend them. You can get your LNKT-1650 3 Link / 4 Link Kit here: https://www.bpchassis.com/apps/webstore/ ... ow/3199960

Below are some photos of the installed product.

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