Week 4 product review........

As you may know Locked Up RC has introduced a brand new 1.9 bead lock wheel to their already killer line up of 1.9 and 2.2 wheels. And if you didn't know about it or about Locked Up RC and their outstanding wheels and scale accessories......your spending too much time on the wrong side of the rock! Anywho, I was lucky enough to score a set before they were available to the general public, Thank you Locked Up! I hadn't been this excited to get something the mail in a long time, it seemed like an eternity, waiting those two days. I was like a kid waiting for Christmas morning to come......just couldn't wait to see what Santa Pat had sent me!

The day finally came! Christmas in November! I could hardly stand it the suspense.....or maybe I had to pee, no I was truly excited! As I raced to the mail box to see what Santa Pat had sent, I could hardly contain my self.....or did I still have to pee? Wait focus, eyes on the prize. YAY!, there it was, laying amongst all those bills and junk mail my wonderful package from Locked Up RC! Now all I had to do is figure out how to get past the wife and kids so I could be all alone with my precious....I mean present...errh package you know what I'm talking about. Maybe if I sneak in quietly no one will notice......no that won't work, or maybe I'll ring the doorbell then run around back......no that won't work either, I'll probably have a stroke running that 30 feet. Then how would I enjoy my new wheels? Think!... Man I really have to pee! Wait! That's it! I'll just go in and........... say hello, give my kisses and head for the basement....what did think I was going to do?

OK, time to get serious! Ripped open the box to find it very well packaged, wheels were shrink wrapped in pairs and then a separate bag that contained the faux lug nut screws and some awesome Locked UP RC decals!

Since all Locked Up RC wheels use the same bolt pattern as Axial for their bead lock rings and you can purchase separately. I chose to order just the wheels and do something a little different for the outside bead lock rings. Inside rings and screws are included with each wheel. Also, you can purchase the wheels individually so that way you can buy 4 or 5 or 31. You'll never know when you'll need 31, but when you do, you'll have them.

Inner and outer rings also have the screw holes recessed so you don't have any screw heads getting chewed up by rocks and making it a hassle to get the rings off, I hate that.  You can also purchase the optional scale 2mm scale bolts to replace the the cap screws that are included with the wheels and outer rings.

I already had some 2mm scale bolts in black, so I used the 5mm long ones for the lug nuts to give these beauties some contrast, and then some 10mm and 5mm long ones the outer rings.

With valve stem cutout.....

Without valve stem cutout.....

Standard "plain" ring:

There are also two different styles of scale hubs available as well! Lots of options!

As for tire installation, it couldn't be easier! I installed my 1.9 Pit Bulls using the stock dual stage foams and no vent holes, and then wrapped 3oz. of weight around each of the front wheels. The wheels are in the 2.6oz. - 3.4oz range, depending on the options you choose. So with my set up, that puts me in around 6oz. + or so with tires for the front and roughly 3oz. + for the rears each. The wheels are just the right width to use standard wheel weight strips too, .75" to be exact.  As for the outer bead rings I contacted John at Fubar Crawlers and I picked up his "Open" 1.9 12 hole ring. And as stated earlier, I am using the black RC4WD 2mm X 10mm for the mounting screws and cut down 2mm X 5mm for the faux holes. You can find a how-to video on cutting the screws down when using the LockedUp rings. I couldn't do the same as the video, since I'm using Delrin rings, but a cut off wheel in the Dremel and a good way to hold those little suckers, I got it done.

I couldn't be happier with Locked Up RC wheels and service! They have a customer for life!

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