LockedUpRC and Heyok Performance bring you the Heyok Performance winch controller.

For my review I figured I'd do it on something that the average guy can afford and would use often. If you like a mixture of affordability and ease of installation, then this controller is for you!

The stock controllers that come with your 9300XT Bulldog and 3Racing winches will not work with a 2 position third channel (Heyok has a controller for that too) and if you have a 3 postion 3rd channel then you know all about winch drifting, low power and s-l-o-w speeds. These controllers fix all of that and work with practically any winch/servo on the market. I myself like the RC4WD 9300XT Bulldog winches.

Simply hook up the positive and negative leads to your winch, plug it in to your 3rd channel slot on your receiver and you're done!

I've had two of these controllers in the past on my scale trucks. Easy push button operation makes winching out of a tough spot a breeze.

On the 2 position controller you will hit the 3rd channel button twice to initiate each function. Operations are as follows.
1. Winch is stopped
2. Winch winds out
3. Winch is stopped
4. Winch winds in
5. Winch is stopped

The 3 position controller operates the same way, but with it every time you press and release the 3rd channel button the controller does the next operation automatically.

The Heyok winch controller can be purchased through your friends at Locked Up RC or through Heyok in the vendors electronic section. Here are some links:
Locked Up RC Product Page
HeyOK on RCC

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