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I have been lucky enough to be able to run one of the best Electronic Speed Controllers (ESC) on the market today. This season I put a new BR-XL in my Class 2 Scaler, and I have no issues saying that this ESC is AWESOME. With it I was able to secure first place for the second year in a row with Eastern Pennsylvania RC Crawlers (EPARCC). This ESC when matched with a quality hand wound motor is able to take whatever you throw at it. It is the preferred choice of many national and local Scale and Comp. guys because of its superior performance and ease of programming. Not to mention that the BR-XL is capable of running up to and including a 6s lipo. That is more power than most us usually use. It comes out of the bag with auto lipo cut off, full drag break and instant reverse. Currently on the market there are 3 versions of the BR-XL. The first is a stock configuration, a (WP) waterproof version that is dipped and sealed in epoxy and a new de-cased super lightweight (SLW) BR-XL. With this new addition to the BR-XL line up all aspects of crawling and scaling world are covered.

Oh and don’t forget THE HOLMES HOLD!

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