For this week I decided to write a little review of a product I recently purchased.

As the story goes I was out on a r/c trail ride testing my new axles when my rig got wedged in a nasty rock crack. Since I was testing axle strength I kept trying to work the line with little regard for parts.. I then suddenly lost power and I noticed that my axles were still intact and everything was spinning freely. I had no idea what the problem was since I thought that the rig was about bulletproof.. I got back to the shop and opened the transmission gear cover to find this:

I had the slipper locked down and the slipper pad glued to the pressure plates. I never had this problem before so I was surprised to find that the slipper pad had ripped in half and the slipper nut backed its self off and was loose at the bottom of the gear cover..

I mainly use the rig for trail rides with my kids and G6 events.. In either situation a 30 min trail repair would be less than desirable. So, I made the decision that for the best reliability I would need to get rid of the slipper assembly. I also knew that I did not want to use the stock plastic Axial spur gear hub.. After some internet searching I found this little item made by Locked Up RC: Product listing

Here is a comparison between the slipper and non slipper top shafts. Note that the non slipper shaft uses opposing flats on the shaft to index the spur hear hub and the slipper top shaft uses and thru pin. So by using the non slipper shaft you also effectively eliminate one thru pin that could possibly be sheared.

I tore down the tranny, installed the new top shaft and added some grease.

Here is a picture of the spur gear hub installed. Notice the nice black anodized finish.

Be sure to add some locktite to all metal to metal connections. I'm after reliability remember?

Here shown is the spur gear installed with the included green anodized spur gear reinforcement ring. This ring should eliminate any gear deflection under high torque situations.

The installation is complete!

After installation I beat the snot out of the rig for a couple hours with no failures. I do want to caution users of this product that it ELIMINATES the slipper!! So upgrading the entire drive train of your crawler is highly recommended!!

I am happy to report that this item is VERY well designed. The fit/finish and overall quality is great!!
In closing, here are my product star ratings:
Price: 5/5 stars. (all parts included)
Ease of Use: 5/5 stars: (video on website)
Fit/Finish: 5/5 stars: No imperfections found.
Durability: 6/5 stars: No, really!! I beat the crap out of it and it survived!!

Thanks to Locked Up for the opportunity and to the awesome RCC members that have voted for me thus far!!

Chris M

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