So if your anything like me, you hate to see a servo hanging off your front axle. Especially if your building a scale vehicle. So the best option is a cms or chassis mounted servo. But what about the big bulky mounting brackets on the axle. Not to mention the one on the chassis. This is where LURC comes in. This is the LURC pro cms zero ackerman kit.I also opted for the zero ackerman knuckles.

And this is the rig I'll be installing it on. An rtr axial g6.

Next well remove the axle as an assembly.

This next picture is more of a public service announcement than part of the install. I know it says rtr on the box. But for heaven sakes check your axles and trans for grease!!!!

Now back to the kit. You will have to make a simple mod to the front cross brace. Trimming the drivers side to make room for the servo Mount.

Now you can mount up the servo Mount. And they included some nice little drill guides. Makes getting the Panhard frame side mounting hole spot perfect very easy.

On to the axle mount. This is where the LURC kit is very different from others. It uses a 2 piece Panhard mount. One inside the housing and one outside.

It is a very secure mount. And pushes the mounting point out towards the wheel. Which make the Panhard bar as long as possible. And makes for less bumpsteer. The rest of the install is straight forward. You will need a couple rod ends. But I'm sure, like me, you have a bunch floating around. From all the cms setups I've tried. This is definitely one of the top on my list. Ok. I'm sure your tired of reading my rambling by now. So here's one more pic.

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