Locked Up RC Wheel Wideners with 1.9 Adversary Beadlocks, 1.9 Agile Rings, M4 Ultra Hubs, M2 Zinc Hardware & 4-40 Acorn Studs

2016 is setting up to be another huge year in the world of RC. The scale truck market is exploding right now we are finally starting to see more manufacturers produce parts that are super scale and detailed nicely. From tires to axles and of course bodies the details are where it's at. One of the best ways to give your truck a super scale appearance is to detail the wheels. With that in mind I chose to do my review on a set of LURC's 1.9 Adversary SLW beadlocks with scale hardware, ultra hubs and one of my favorite LURC products, the 1.9 wheel wideners. With the wideners you can easily change the width of you wheels to match the tires you want to run.

For those of you familiar with LURC wheels you know already about their "Easy Mount" system. If you haven't ever put a set of these wheels together then I'll take you through the process. A really neat feature of LURC's wheels is the ability to use any Axial pattern beadlock ring you like. The wheels are pre-drilled to accept rings with a 6, 12, 18 or even 24 hole pattern however It only takes 6ea. M2 x7mm screws to hold each ring on. The other 18 holes are not threaded and have been drilled out slightly larger so that your M2 screws can simply drop in without having to be tightened. This really save a lot of assembly time and also gives you the option of using either M2 x 1mm faux screws or the same M2 x 7mm you used to hold the ring on. If you're like me and switch tires a lot this comes in really handy. Below are a couple sets of rings I have made up using both long and short m2 screws.

LURC 1.9 Agile rings with Zinc M2 x 1mm faux screws. Now all you need is 6ea. screws to assemble the wheel. Couldn't get easier than this.

Next we'll move on to the assembling the wheels using the wideners. You assemble them the same way you would any standard width LURC beadlock except now you will use 6ea. M2 x 14mm screws in place of the M2 x 7mm. Once installed these wideners give you an additional 7.25mm of width and give your wheels that sweet deep dish look. Another benefit of these is they allow you to run a wider tire without the sidewall bubble you usually get with standard width wheels. One of my pet peeves is assembling my beadlocks only to find the one or more of my tires looking like they're wobbling. This is a product of trying to squeeze large tires and foams into narrow wheels. The first thing I noticed after assembling my beadlocks with the LURC wideners is my tires don't wobble at all. Good looks and no wobble is a win win in my book! Here are the step by step pictures and at the bottom of the page are links to all the LURC products I used. Get yours today!

BEFORE WIDENERS - Notice the tire bulge

AFTER WIDENERS - Much less bulge
(Note that these rings are not made by LURC and 100% NOT recommended because of the huge counterbore)

1.9 Adversary SLW Beadlock

1.9 Agile Beadlock Rings

1.9 Wheel Wideners (pair)

M2x1mm scale hardware

M2x7mm scale hardware

M2x14mm scale hardware

4-40 x .25" Acorn Studs

M4 Ultra Hubs (front)

M4 Ultra Hubs (rear)

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