I recently put the final touches on what may be the my favorite RC crawler of all time.....

The LURC scale hardware makes good rigs look great!

But as good as it looks I shutter at the idea of installing the new hardware!

Because there has never been a good tool for scale hardware installation, we have all been forced to use make shift tools to get the job done. Before today, this was my tool of choice.

....don't know what it is yet? Try this picture.....

This makeshift tool (if you can call it that) is what I have been using to install scale hardware for years and it has made this process unbearable. Every time I start this task I have to work up the courage to even get started.

That is until I found these little GEMS.

These are the LURC Socket Tips!

They are a precision fit with the scale hardware and are extremely strong and durable.

.... and the best part is that they are a great fit with any handle!

To sum this up the LURC Socket Tips have taken the worlds worst task, streamlined it, and made it enjoyable!

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