Tip #1: Quick Change Scale License Plates

Here is what I do so I can quickly change my license plates if I want to:
First I go to the following site that offers most of the US and Canadian License plates, choose the state you want and what you want it to say.
https://www.acme.com/licensemaker/licens ... 1366808668
Then click on make plate and save the image to my computer
Once it is saved I open MS Word and copy and paste it in all different sizes. This may be the lazy way but I find that I can get the one that is just right for the truck im making it for and not restricted to a set size.

Print the document on standard printer paper

Clear coat the front and back 4-5 times on each side.

Cut out the one that looks the best for you and glue it to a piece of sheet metal the size of the plate. I use E6000 since I always have it around.
After the glue dries I clear coat the whole thing again just to seal the edges

Now find 1 or 2 small neodymium magnets ( I use a bunch so I buy them in bulk) and glue them to the inside of your body or behind the license plate holder on your bumper and it will allow you to change them out quickly.

Tip #2: Modify Dinky Cantilever System to ride higher and be beefier.

So during one of my last builds i was trying to figure out the ride height of the truck and realized that i had lost one of the push rods that were supplied with the kit. Off to the local HWS for some all-thread, I ended up searching 5 different stores and was not able to locate any of the small diameter rod that they used so I headed back home. While trying to figure what to use I decided to try the full size revo end and it just didn't fit right so i started messing around with it.

I was able to get it to fit just right by trimming the flanges off of both sides at the location marked in the following picture.


After doing that it fits inside the rocker without any problems as you can see below and you can make them just as long as you want and have the parts easier to access if you break something.


This is not an expensive mod but it helped me out and hope it can help some of you as well.

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