TIP #1: Scale Bungees

Ever find yourself needing to secure something to your rig? A scale bungee can be the perfect remedy. Here’s how I made mine.

Pictured below are the tools I used: pliers, small vice-grips or other locking-pliers, scissors, and L-shaped hex tool. I picked up some hairbands and colored paperclips at the local getting-place. I use the smaller diameter (thickness) hairbands for a more scale appearance.


Step 1: Straighten the paperclip leaving one factory bent end (I leave the smaller one). Take some pliers, or cutters, and cut off a little of the 'hook' part of the paperclip. I usually cut off about a third to half of the short side of the 'hook'.

Use the vice-grips to hold the paperclip to the hex tool. Use a hex tool approximately the size of the hairbands you chose. You will see why in subsequent pics. Placement of the vice-grips relative to the paperclip will have an effect on the finished product. Use the 'hook' as a stop for the vice-grips (as pictured below).

Step 2: Make a 90 degree bend outward, away from the hex tool.

Step 3: Using your fingers only, wrap the paperclip tight around the hex tool until you can't bend the paperclip around it anymore. Pliers are not recommended for this step. Your fingers will allow the paperclip to ‘flow’ around the hex tool.


Step 4: Cut the hairband. I usually cut at the spot where it was joined to make the circle. Feed the hairband through the newly coiled paperclip. Tie a knot in the hairband.


Step 5: Pull the hairband back through the newly coiled paperclip and try to get the knot tight at the coils. Use some pliers to bend the last little bit of paperclip (at the coil) down onto the hairband to keep it from pulling through the coil.

Final step: Do the other end and BAM! You have a scale bungee.


Now get out on the rocks and have some fun.


TIP #2: Scale Tow Rope

Ever find yourself needing a tow to get to the next level, or better yet, to pull someone else out of a tight spot? You might need make your own tow rope. Here's how...

Gather some items you probably already have at the house: super glue, scissors, thread & needle, and some way to heat the shrink-tube (please use caution). Some items you may need to buy: paracord (color of your choice), shrink-tube (again, color of your choice), and S-hooks (3/4").


Step 1: Cut the cord to length. You can scale down a real tow rope and cut it to that length. I usually do three feet to mimic a 30 foot real one. It also allows enough length to reach down and pull someone up a tall obstacle.

Step 2: Bend the end into a loop and apply the super glue. You can decide how big a loop you want.

Step 3: Sew the loop together. You don't need to sew many stitches, but they help strengthen the loop. Then tightly wrap the remaining thread around the loop. I usually stitch about six times through the loop and then wrap some thread, do a stitch, wrap some more, etc., until the thread is all used (2-1/2 to 3 feet of thread is plenty). The super glue will still be wet while you are doing this and your fingers will get glue on them--use caution.

Step 4: Apply some super glue to the thread and smear over all the thread. This just adds strength to the loop. You may not need this step depending on how much glue you used in step 2.


Step 5: Cut the shrink-tube to a length that covers the thread--approximately 1/2 inch - 5/8 inch should be enough.

Step 6: Heat the shrink-tube until it's tight around the thread. This heat will also help dry the glue and secure the loop.

Final step: Add the S-hooks to the loops. This step is optional, but recommended. You also can use a D-ring on the loop.


Now get out on the rocks with friends and have some fun.

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