From the Bonneville Salt Flats to Sacramento, California and the house of SoCal Speed Shop. Vintage Hot rods, Rat Rods and Gassers can be seen rocking some of the most iconic wheels. One wheel that seems to cross all 3 styles flawlessly is the American Racing "Spirit" wheel. Rocket Racing has even come out with their version for the builds that require that bigger diameter but keep with that same vintage style. It does not matter the finish they have being polished, patina or painted they suit any build.

That being said there are not enough vintage bead locks on the market for all the different oldschool bodies available and custom builds going on. Well the fine folks at LockedUp RC have decided to change that. Introducing the latest bead lock wheel to be hitting the market.

Biggest problem is it still does not have a name. That's where you come in! I have taken the time to beat myself up and come up with 3 names out of a long list I thought were the best ones. But I can't do this alone. This is where you come in. I need you to vote for one of my 3 and tell the fine folks at Locked Up RC which one is the best.

The 3 I feel best suit these amazing wheels are........

And don't forget, get out there and vote!!!!! I am VS_Customs and I approve this message!

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