Want to change the look of your rig? Your wheels are a great place to start, and there's no better way to add personal-style to your truck than with a new set of beadlocks. Here at LURC we've got plenty of options available to you. Whether you prefer a scale, competition or radical look we've got you covered. The best part is all of our wheels are designed to perform just as good as they look. Which one will you go for?

Before you decide I'd like to show you something new. So new it doesn't even have a name yet. In fact, we could use your help. Take a look at the spy shots and list of potential names below then vote for the one you think fits this wheel the best.

Here is my list of potential names and a little information on why I chose them.

1. " Ansen " - This name originated from the Ansen Automotive Engineering owned by Jack Andrews and Lou Senter. They were one of the first aftermarket parts makers for racers and hot rodders in the 1950's. One of their most popular wheels was the Ansen Sprint and it was the first "aluminum slot" wheel being centrifugally cast, a technique seldom used in the wheel industry back then. They were produced on a tracer lathe and shipped in their natural machined finish. It's design was almost identical to the the famous Halibrand with the exception of the raised lip around windows. To this day it's one of the most copied wheel designs in history.

2. " Heritage " - This one is simple because it reminds me of this style wheel and it's racing heritage. From drag strips to circle tracks to desert baja courses, this style wheel could be seen on just about any racing vehicle you can think of.

3. " Magnum " - A play on the word Magnesium. The term "mag wheel" actually came about because of the Magnesium material wheels were originally made from in the 1940's. Magnesium wheels were much stronger and lighter than the steel wheels being used at the time an thus were very popular among early hot rodders and racers. Fast forward to the present and a nice set of mag wheels are a must if you're looking to personalize your ride.

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