Starting this one off on a trip down memory lane, this rig now lives in one of RCC's most credible museums. Although there have been a few updates since this picture was taken, this was one of my favorite rigs, set in one of my favorite places; Back in 2009 in Montana for the MSD scale nats.

Next we come back to the present, in another rig that started its life a few years back. Just 24 hours before having to leave for Montana for the scale nats in 2011 this rig was started. I completed it in just over 24 hours and ended up having to finish small things over our 30 hour road trip and our hotel in Helena! This ended up being one of my most rewarding builds to drive, and has earned itself a secure place in my collection. Over the years it has evolved a bit (most notably the slant back) and the upgrades continued as our vendors like LockedUp RC continued to raise the bar and provide amazing products.

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