The weather outside was looking like it was going to be a beautiful one today considering all the snow that had been falling. We decided to pull the Yota out of the garage and take it for a fun little drive at the local trail and see if any spots were accessible. They were pretty snowed in but the Yota pushed her way through and cut its own trail.

When we crested the hill we noticed the river was still running and there was not to much ice built up yet so instead of sticking on the snowy trail we figured might as well take the river and snap a couple chilly photos. One thing I realized is I need a new pair of boots. The water was very cold and at points I was almost up to my knees so maybe a dry suit is more in order. That being said it was a great day out and the Yoya ran perfect despite the chilly water. On to a few snaps of the day!

One of the advantages in trailing in this snowy but nice weather is no need to hit the car wash on the way home. Clean snow and clean running water took care of all that. Now to crawl under the truck and give it a good greasing. Don't need any parts rusting up..........But first I should stop by the local Timmies for a warm coffee to get rid of this chill! Hope you enjoyed some pics from my day out and don't forget, get out there and vote!!!!! I am VS_Customs and I approve this message!

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