1. RC4WD OEM Steelies can be very difficult to mount.
I've found that if you use extra long screws to get them started, you can save yourself a lot of time and headache.
Then, once all screws are bolted down, you can swap out the long ones if you like.

2. When doing the Losi Mini-T ball ends and threaded rod link replacement for a Losi Micro Crawler,
Drill a hole through each mini t plastic cup. This allows easy access to the .05 hex inside for adjustments and maintenance.

3. Stick with your rig.
It takes a lot of time to work all the bugs out of a rig.
When I first started with my SCX10, we could not compete with the seasoned drivers and their custom rigs in the club I joined.
I considered selling my SCX10 for a purpose built scale comp rig but decided to stick with it and see how far I could take it.

Well, after months of suspension tuning, weight distribution, tire, wheel and motor changes I was rewarded with a Class 3 winning rig!
After the season win, I decided to move my SCX10, Buxom Melons, down to Class 2 and bought a new chassis, Hera, for my Class 3 rig.

It only took a few runs to dial Buxom Melons in for Class 2 and she was once again pulling amazing lines and contending for first place in her new Class. But Hera on the other hand, I was so frustrated with Hera's under performance I wanted to sell her and start over... but I decided to stick with it.

Well, after several rounds of suspension tuning, weight distribution, tire and wheel changes, I am happy I stuck it out because now Hera is performing the way I wanted her to.

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