TIP- When working with hard bodies such as New Bright or even Tamiya, I found that using ABS cement, the one for plumbing pipes, works amazing for bonding and filling joints or cracks. It is even sand-able once it has cured. What I usually do is use a dab of CA to hold the part in place, then go over the area with the cement, let cure, then sand. You can only reapply as needed so as to not need or need very little plastic filler.

TRICK- Turn a Pro Line tool box into a receiver case for your 4PL or 4PK receiver.1. Carefully remove the receiver board from the stock case. 2. remove tool faux tools from the PL tool box. 3.use the stock case to mark out where the hole for the servo plugs will be. 4. drill a hole in each corner of the servo plug hole you marked out. Then once the holes are drilled, use a hobby knife to cut out the marked area. 5. once the hole is cut, check to make sure you will be able to plug your wires into easily, I like to make the hole snug so it's easier to seal up. 6. for the receiver wire, I chose to drill a small hole for it to come out of the box, but you can also tuck it up neatly inside the box. 7. last thing to do before sealing is to take a small piece of weather stripping, 1/4" x 3/4", and place it on the bottom of the box next to the plug in hole so as to keep the board level in the box. Last is to find a place to put it in your rig, plug the wires in and seal as needed.

TIP- Here's something I find very useful, a handy dandy scale conversion calculator......... http://jbwid.com/scalcalc.htm . It's super simple to use and you can use it to scale down or up.

TRICK- Turning 1.9 Pit Bulls into 1.55's, not cut-n-shut. You'll need 4 cheap 1.55 donor tires, I used some RC4WD Desert Kings, and of coarse a set of 1.9 Pit Bulls. The conversion is pretty simple, just cut the 1.55 bead from the donor tire, and then fitting it in the PB bead. Then CA in with some IC2000. Wela 1.55 Pit Bulls.