Challenge #1
The best non RC use of an RC product.

Two of the most important thing in my life are family and cars, big or small. Seems like I'm always working on something. One day when mounting up some new VooDoo tires, I realized I was missing one. After a very short hunt for it, I found it. My son Aiven had procured it to play with. Now any time I have new tires to mount he has to have them for at least 48 hrs to play with. This makes things tough for an impatient s.o.b. like me. But the fun he has makes it all worth it. He loves RC tires, but they must be new do to the large amount of cacti her in the South West. So if you have young kids, try it. Even my older daughter Haley (The Time Keeper) loves to play with new RC tires.
Unfortunately new tires are few and far between. Luckily I have one old pic that he made me take, sorry if they are not the best quality.
Just like his dad Aiven's favorite tires are Voodoos.

The dude

Action shot

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