What we see here is one of the best machines ever created in its own natural habitat. A real life urban assault vehicle. Some of you folks might call it a "Winter Beater" or a "2004 Ford Taurus" but that would be selling it way short.

I have had it a few years now, and drive it only in the nicest months Ohio can offer (November - March) but it had developed a problem, the line for the windshield washer nozzles had vanished, some tried to tell me that the factory line had cracked due to years of changing temperatures, but I am not buying it... I think it got scared from how awesome the rest of the vehicle is and tried to find a home in something more conventional, like a Prius or a minivan..

So that leaves us with an issue, it becomes really hard to see out the windshield without being able to clean it, especially after road grime, zombie guts, remnants of the lady next door that always yells at you because your dog got in her bushes again so you had to.. wait back on topic Its hard to see when dirt, mud, nuclear fallout or the worst substance known to man, road salt builds up and you cant use that magical blue juice to clean it off.

So we employed a plan, not just any off the shelf "replacement part from Ford" would do, heck that thing already got scared and ran off once, I sure as heck wasn't going to spend my hard earned ($4.99) to replace that and risk it happening again! We need something that would survive the worst case scenario, and not break the bank while doing so.

The solution; a length of Nitro R/C fuel line and a couple zip-ties. Just clean up the offending line, pop that sucker on there and we were back in business. Ready to take on Mrs Gumplesien, a zombie or two and the daily commute to work. I'll let the pictures speak for themselves. Or if you are one of those "moving picture" types, I have included a video below as well.

You might also note, I used neon yellow tubing, I had grey as an option. But I felt the added horsepower I would gain from the bright color would be worth anything I could possibly lose as a result.

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