What you receive in 1x kit
What you receive in 1x kit

Warhead - Full Metal Jacket Center Cap Kit

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Warhead Center Cap Kit
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This ultra scale Warhead Center Cap Kit works with our Full Metal Jacket rings and give you the look of a big, heavy, military duty wheel, but still allows for EASY wheel nut tightening.

The flange body is attached to our Full Metal Jacket ring using your M3 hardware.
Each center cap gets wrapped with an o-ring then pressed into the flange body.

If you need to tighten a wheel nut, pop out the center cap for easy access.

Each kit includes:
1x Flange Body (Anodized Aluminum)
1x Center Cap (Anodized Aluminum)
2x O-Rings (Rubber 10x1mm)

You will need 4 kits for a set of 4 wheels.

Each hub attaches to the Full Metal jacket Ring using M3 screws (12x).
-We recommend M3x6 screws for mounting option 1 (see pics)
-We recommend M3x8 screws for mounting option 2 (see pics) AND TWO (2x) M3 nuts of your choosing.

Each Center Cap is tapped for TEN (10x) M2x1 screws.


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