We'll never tell you what it is...
We'll never tell you what it is...

Unicorn Mystery

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Unicorn Mystery
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/'yoo-ni kôrn'/

noun: unicorn; plural noun: unicorns
1. a mythical animal typically represented as a horse with a single straight horn projecting from its forehead.
2. a start-up company valued at more than a billion dollars, typically in the software or technology sector.
3. an RC product that is so rare, people fall all over themselves to get one.

You have stumbled across our Unicorn Mystery product.

We consider a "Unicorn" to be one of the following:
-A product we have made 5 or less of for whatever reason.
-Prototypes we didn't go through with.
-Parts we normally sell but have a special finish.
-Something discontinued that you can't get anymore.

We say "Mystery" because we only supply you with 1 photo hint of the product you will receive.

Each is priced below what you would pay for something similar, so always a great deal.

Once a Unicorn Mystery product is sold out we move on to the next Unicorn Mystery product.
So if you see something you think you like, don't waste time, buy it now.

To see the current hint, click on the second image above.

Remember that the hint above is just a hint and the actual product shipped will be different than what you see!

PLEASE, by all means ... feel free to share your Unicorn Mystery product photos to our Facebook Page!

Some past Unicorn Mystery hints & product photos:

UM-1 hint was "Black Brass Knuckles". Item was a set of TRX-4 Black Zinc Portal Knuckles

UM-2 hint was an "Ottoman Empire Volley" gun. Item was 4 OEV Heavy Wheels with Cinder finish.

UM-3 hint was a bumper boat. Item was a rear bumper & tire carrier.

UM-4 hint was 7 pics of Captain America; AKA "Cap". Item was 7 tool handle "caps".

UM-5 hint was a black spider. Item was a set of Black AO8 Recluse CONVEX wheels.

UM-6 hint was a"Mug Shot". Item was a Locked Up RC Coffee Mug.

UM-7 hint was a picture of "Axl Rose's House". Item was a set of Axle Housings.

Anyway, we think you get the point now so ..... have fun ordering!

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