Ultra Hubs - 1mm Spacer
Ultra Hubs - 1mm Spacer

Ultra Hubs - 1mm Spacer

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Ultra Hubs - 1mm Spacer.
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These Ultra Hub Spacers help bring your hubs back to a more realistic position when running a taller AO8 Flange.

With taller flanges like the 685, Ultra Hubs can look very far "inset" in the wheel, which may not be the look you are after.
To combat this, you can use these spacers to bring the hub out.

These will ONLY work if you have available threads left on your axle.

Adding these spacers after you have cut your axle shaft may move the nut inside the ultra hub to far out and you will lose the benefit of the nylon inside the nut.
So, we suggest measuring for the spacers BEFORE you trim your axle shaft.

4 spacers
Height: 1mm
ID: ~4.15mm
OD: ~9.95mm

For tips and tricks on how to use these, check out the video!

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