Toyzuki's SCX10.2 Chassis Kit
Toyzuki's SCX10.2 Chassis Kit

Toyzuki's SCX10.2 Chassis Kit

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Toyzuki's SCX10.2 Chassis Kit
Part Number: TOYZ-V2 Complete Kit
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Now Available: V2 Transmission & Transfer Case Covers

The kit you've all been waiting for!
This chassis kit is for the scx10.2. Axail did a great job with the new design, but like always Toyzuki couldn't leave it alone.
The heaviest component in the rig is the motor and Toyzuki didn't want it raised higher than the old kit and in the back of the truck.

So, the new Toyzuki SCX10.2 chassis moves the motor forward, down and closer to the frame.
This also frees up some drive line clearance on the other side for the new high pinion style axles.

The motor mount now houses the first 2 gears of the kit version transmission.
The transfer case houses the stock transfer case gears in a new configuration that can be run as an overdrive for the front (you can swap the driveshaft to the other output if your not into that sort of thing).
The smaller gear sets allow the entire case to fit below the chassis rails for an easier interior install.

Additional Improvements:
The new kit is assembled with nylock nuts and m3x10 button head screws.
The servo winch location was moved to the rear behind the axle so the weight hangs well below the center of gravity and you can use an internal or external spool winch.
There is still a mount up front for an internal spool winch laid on its side, but the front is also a great place to mount a small lipo or your electronics above or below the servo plate.

ToyZuki put a few months into driving this thing hard and trying to break it, so it has been thoroughly tested.

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