Tool Handle 3mm Bore - Mini
Tool Handle 3mm Bore - Mini

Tool Handle 3mm Bore - Mini

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Tool Handle 3mm Bore - Mini
Part Number: 734-3MINI
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Our Mini Tool Handle will work with LURC tool tips as well as most major brand driver tips meant for a 3mm ID tool.

These mini handles are great for when space and weight are critical in your tool box. Each handle features an ergonomic, knurled grip, for comfortable use and good leverage. The inside has been hollowed to save weight and give you a place to slide your tool tips into for storage. The 4MM grub screw gives solid thread engagement and can be loosened to push tips into the handle to save space.

We have also anodized them bright blue to help you locate them in the field!

Diameter: 14mm
Weight: .42oz
ID: 3mm (where tips are inserted)
Black Grub Screw: 4mm(2.0mm hex)

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