We get a lot of people asking us about sponsorships and
after some careful thinking, we've decided on a giveaway contest called...
The Next Team Driver.
The winner will receive all the discounts and benefits that all our
team drivers get!

This giveaway is open to seasoned veterans and new guys alike.
If you've ever been interested in becoming a team driver... this
is your chance! To enter the contest, fill out the application and submit
it to our team manager as soon as possible. Each application will be
reviewed by our team and a handful will be selected as "The Next Team Driver"
finalists. Finalists will be put through a series of basic team driver
challenges. Take a picture of this, shoot a video of that, review this product, etc, etc.
We will post the results on RCCrawler.com. Each finalist will be assigned one of our current drivers as a coach, mentor & assistant to help you do your best....
so get those appplications filled in and get ready for a fun time!