For this challenge we are to review a Locked Up RC product, I am going to do my review on the product that introduced me to Locked Up about 5 yrs ago when I got into rock crawling and that is the FI spool. To start off the FI basically stands for F-----g Indestructible !! And it has proven to be that for this long and I don't see any reason to think it won't go another five years and longer. They are machined out of hardened steel and have very tight tolerances to prevent that annoying axle slop that we all hate. You may have to press them on or do a little light sanding/polishing to get them in, and you may want to put a little anti-sieze compound on them if you perform maintenance about as often as I do, lol. I believe they also have a little tool kit that will aid in removal if they become a little stubborn, but remember, NO SLOP!!, so whatever you have to do, it's well worth it!! Another tip -- Do a trial fit before you install into your housing, especially the one piece housings such as scx 10.2, wraith, etc., just trust me, don't ask why, just trust me and do a test fit first!! The variables in the way your axles fit will be in your axles, not these spools!!

They have a couple different versions of these, the standard for Scx10 and it weighs approx. 1 oz, and also for the Scx10, the heavyweight which comes in at 1.75 oz, good for some down low weight and help with a lcg. They also have a couple different versions for the Scx10.2, which I run in my go to class 2 crawler.

I highly recommend this product!! You will thank me later, I promise, lol!!

The standard Scx10 FI

The heavyweight Scx10 FI

The Scx10.2 FI

The FI for a Scx10.2 next to a stock one

The test fit!! Just do it!

Going together!! Scx 10.2

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