Well boys and girls here we are, the last week of our Next Team Driver contest. It has been a fun time and we've gotten to know some really cool people along the way and one (or more ;) ) will be this years Next Team Driver. Please see each post on the Week 3 Facebook Post and vote for the Best use of an RC product in a non RC way. This is a tough challenge and really makes you think. Keep reading for some tasty giveaways and sales promos.

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This weeks winner will be winning a set of our new 1.55 wheels before they hit the market....yup a set of our new 1.55 wheels is what I said...holy cow!!!
Now on to the contest
Closing date: Sunday November 26 12:00am EST

I've thinking about this all week and the only thing I can come up with an RC product use in an non RC way is the tire glue. I use the tire glue as super glue around the house. Sent we don't use super glue that much and instead of running out to buy some I always have tire glue on the work bench.

So how many of ya after a long day of work, family life retreat to the rc cave to do some wrenching, ya grab a nice cold beverage and start wrenching. Only to knock it over in the process, I've done it a million times. Well one day it dawned on me. Take one of those old crawler tires you'll never use again and wrap it around the bottom of the bottle... bam instant stability!!

This one won't apply to everyone but to those with FPV gear a wicked tip... rc trucks with FPV cameras are amazing for doing inspections on places you can't get into or don't want to get into. My trucks have been under houses looking for leaky pipes, in old crawl spaces where a human could barely squeeze, inside culverts seeing what is blocking them, the list goes on and on... And for super small spots, throw your camera on your micro crawler. Also, it's just super fun to crawl in FPV, if you get a chance give it a try!

Here is my non rc use for a rc item is a spare set of tires, I had a extra set of Maxxis trepps and I was tired of the couch always sliding on our hardwood floor. So I took my tires and placed them on the corners of the feet and haven't had to move the couch since.

It's not the best but this was a real tough one! I've used many household items for RC purposes but not so much the others way around. However I use RC hardware for Mountain Biking. It's better quality than from the bike manufacturers and adds some stainless bling.

This was a hard one. I was wracking my brain trying to think of one. Then while in my shop I realized I already had a non RC use for an RC part and had been using them for quite some time. I have a few wire holders in my shop that use old tires to hold extension cords, wires, and air brush lines. This are made from old tires, threaded rod, brake line, washers, and wheel nuts.
Step 1: Drill a hole the same size of the threaded rod in a board that you can access the back of.
Step 2: Put the rod through the hole and on the back side install a large washer and a wheel nut.
Step 3: Cut the rod down to the desired length. Do the same with the brake line, making it a little shorter than the rod. Slide the line over the rod. You want the line short enough to leave enough threads on the end of the rod for the wheel and a wheel nut.
Step 4: Add a washer, then the wheel, followed by the wheel nut.
Step 5: Tighten it all down.
Step 6: Hang something on it and enjoy!!

I have a pretty simple one I've used for years. As most of us deal a lot on eBay or through PayPal, we have to ship parts or rigs around the country.
I've found this is the best place to use old tire foams!

Many of us have upgraded to aftermarket foams like CI, Pitbull, or now Proline. This leaves an abundance of stock and used foams that we really don't have use for.

Except when trying to ship odd shaped items, RC parts, chassis, etc. they are a great "free" lightweight packing material.

I've used them on both RC and mostly on golf club parts as they really need the protection.

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