This is it ... the last week for The Next Team Driver 2!

All of our prior sales still active!
Holmes Hobbies BR Mini - $10 off coupon "holmesrocks"
Servo winch spools - 50% off
Cobalt Hex Drivers - $2.50 off
USA 1st class shipping discount - most small items ship for under $3
slipper eliminator kits are still $4 off for everyone!

This week we are also discounting our M2x1 Scale Hex Bolts! - see below for more info!

So, what is required of you to enter this contest?
Check out our contestants youtube videos, then vote for your favorite AND bump this thread. You can bump the thread as many times as you want because the winner will be selected from the listed voters and they must have bumped the thread to be eligible. Remember, you must vote AND bump the thread at least once to enter.

Final week videos:

The deal of the week is that our M2x1 Scale Hex Bolts are marked down to $14.99 per bag!

For our giveaway this week, the winning voter will receive a set of 4 of our 1.9" Beadlock Rings and a full set of Scale hex bolts and 2mm hex socket drivers to go with them!

Our winning finalist this week is going to receive their choice of hat or T-Shirt as well as something they will be the first kid on the block to get.

So, go check out those blog posts and get yourself back here to win some stuff!

Patrick "Locked Up" Norton

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