Scale Winch Shackle Mount
Scale Winch Shackle Mount

Scale Winch Shackle Mount

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Winch Shackle Mount
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We are happy to bring you the Locked Up RC Scale Winch Shackle Mount

- Anodized aluminum is designed to balance performance with scale appearance.
- Center hole is designed to fit hardware up to 3mm.
- Winch line is secured from the rear via a spring pin
- Can fit up to 250lb winch line

- 10mm tall x 7mm diameter base

Each order consists of 1 mount.

Can be used with or without our Winch Saver.

1. Lightly crimp/collapse one end of a spring pin and insert it by hand into the shackle mount.
2. Loop your winch line and insert into back of shackle mount.
3. Making sure to "catch the loop", press the spring pin all the way in.
4. Tie your knot.
(If you are using a winch saver, you will want to install it onto the loop after step 2 but before step 3.)

If you need to reinstall the winch line, you can either "thread" the winch line back into the shackle mount, or just press the pin back out and repeat the above steps.

Installation video coming soon!

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