Scale Winch Anchor - Black
Scale Winch Anchor - Black

Scale Winch Anchor - Black

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Scale Winch Anchor - Black
Part Number: R2J-1103-black
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These Winch Anchors are the perfect tool when you are stuck and need to winch but do not have a solid winch point.

The anchor is designed so that the shovel will dig in and bite in loose terrain.
They can also be used to hook onto rock corners or trees more quickly than getting out a strap and d-rings.

Approximate Dimensions:
-16ga. shovel 5/8"wide by 1-1/4" long
-3/16 solid rod
-overall length of 3" long.

The eye will work perfectly with the Locked Up RC (and most) winch hooks.

Made by Locked Up RC
Licensed by R2j Customs

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