Savox SB-2230SG
Savox SB-2230SG

Savox SB-2230SG

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Savox SB-2230SG
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The Savox SB-2230SG Monster Torque Brushless servo contains unique steel gears to accommodate the massive output torque of this servo in a slightly taller case design. 

  • Combines leading edge technology with super high 12 bit (4096) resolution.
  • Ideal for giant scale aircraft, monster truck, and 1/8 scale off road.
  • Brushless motor provides longer life and cooler operating temps.
  • Extremely strong unique steel gears ensure long-life and durability
  • Torque @ 6v - 36.0kg/499.9oz-in
  • Torque @ 7.4v - 42.0kg/583.3oz-in
  • Speed @ 6v - 0.16 sec/60 deg
  • Speed @ 7.4v - 0.13 sec/60 deg
  • Dimensions L x W x H (mm): 40.3 x 20.2 x 44.9
  • Weight: 84g

Technical Specs:

Gear: Unique Steel
Bearing: 2BB
Case: Full Aluminum
25 Tooth Spline
Frequency: 250-333
Pulse Rate Frequency: 1520

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